Kristine Schreiber
St George Hospital Cancer Care Centre
Radiation Therapist

Breast Brachytherapy Team Poster presentation
Cancer Care Centre St George Hospital

Mrs X a 66 yr old post-menopausal patient diagnosed with Lt sided breast cancer who was fitted with a defibrillator in 2014 was chosen for APBI as the defibrillator could not be resided to the other side and it was decided that APBI would be the best option for her treatment. The investigations before treatment were carried out using ultrasound and CT to determine if the seroma cavity was suitable for implant Defibrillator monitoring was carried out during the treatment with no adverse effect to the device or the patient Patient received 34gy in 10 treatments bi daily over 7 days Planning with APBI limited the dose to the defibrillator whereas a plan comparison with 6MeV gave full dose of 50Gy to the defibrillator There were a few challenges during implantation one was that the company had never faced this problem before and was used to megavoltage and not sure what brachytherapy was and also the uncertainty of where the leads were when implanting. Pt has had her 6 weeks follow up and skin was good and patient has had no problems

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